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YULIANA PRADO: «Sincerity connects us with the audience»

Cosmo Lady  december 2016 – january 2017

Just first tender accords, first lusty notes - and you will be captured by strong and charming voice as well as Yuliana Prado’s artistic fascination. Young Ukrainian singer’s creative work is notable for particular magic: it touches your soul and gets deep in the heart of those who can catch and feel the real depth of singer’s personal emotional experience, her sincerity and openness at the stage and in shots. Yuliana’s music video does not have any affectation and false typical for any stars and celebrities – her songs emit openness and purity of notes, emotions and feelings…

cosmolady yuliana prado 1Yuliana, is it you really? Incredible! How can you manage to be such light and tender singer in modern hard world?

Thank you. Yes, I am really such a person. You quite often experience false and insincerity among the performers in the music world. There are a lot of “fake” talents in show business and at any music competitions – these people just “imagine” what the real musical prowess is. In difference to them I am creating. Being a modern person who keeps to modern tendencies I sing what I feel and how I feel, I don’t follow any imposed tendencies. I don’t see any sense in being led by fashion and in “playing”, otherwise who would go to my concert? I need a thankful listener. I see my mission in changing people’s souls and, maybe, even fortunes, through my voice, image, internal force and energy, through my personal view point and emotions. I understand there are people who are not ready to accept my work and results of work. Everything in its time, time for my songs will come. My glory hour is ahead.

You have got good musical education and invaluable experience…

cosmolady yuliana prado 2

During my musical career I have taken part in many competitions and concerts representing my native city, Kharkiv; I graduated from Kharkiv Cultural Secondary School, Musical Secondary School, the Academy of Arts (I was a pupil of Iegenii Miroshnichenko). On winning three singing competitions I worked in Italy by contract. I had concerts with symphony orchestra, my teachers and advisers were Iurii Rybchinskii, Nina Matvienko…

Yuliana, just yesterday you sang with Nina Matvienko at the concert…

Yes, I was happy to be one of the invited guests to take part in Nina Matvienko’s concert on the main stage of the country. I am proud of our acquaintance and friendship. I have a scientific degree, and my Master’s thesis is devoted to this great singer’s creative work.

Are you the author of the songs you are performing? You are incredibly talented!

cosmolady yuliana prado 3

Not all the songs performed by me are created by me, but last time I started writing. I am a daughter of talented parents. My father’s voice was unbelievably strong, he could play four musical instruments. My mother had unusually beautiful tone color and wrote poems. From my early childhood she promoted a love to folk songs – Christmas carols and New Year’s songs. I have been performing from 4, but at first I didn’t sing but danced, in direct meaning of this word – to my complete exhaustion and shouts “Bravo!” I am inborn actress and even when I was a little girl I worked for public who was looking forward to my performance. From my 2nd form at school I had won in competitions being a solo singer in chorus, so I can say that I have a lot of awards and premia, including international ones, in my creative “box”.

But your fortune didn’t pamper you. And nevertheless, you have her own kind Fairie like Cinderella, don’t you? Who helped you in your realization of creative personal potential?

There are a lot of great people in my life. In this interview I would like to say my great thanks to all who believed in me and admired my voice, my talent: my chorus leader and school group leader, Kharkiv producer, Felix Chemerovskii who opened the door to big stage for me…My first break came when I won in the competition, and Rybchinskii noticed me and proposed cooperation with him as a producer. At the same time I got a proposal from Italy and chose to work in Italy. People compared me with Nina Matvienko in those times when I sang in Kharkiv, and I said about it to her when we got to know each other at one of the concerts, when I understood clearly in what this similarity is: it is purity, openness and sincerity. Although at first everything was not so smooth: at the very beginning my singing talent was not noticed in chorus, however, I tried to show my worth to become a solo singer, and as a result, I managed to do it. But sometimes at different competitions I came across with unfair evaluation. Singing was like escape for me, when I suffered from strong emotional pain - my mother got ill and soon I lost my mum. Pain covered me, and I could not sing. But even this helped me in my self-realization: my song had won, and, indeed, it is my mission.

cosmolady yuliana prado 5cosmolady yuliana prado 4

My winning in the competition inspired me, I sang “Lullaby” a cappella, and all the audience applauded me and shouted “Bravo!”. Such recognition of my talent encouraged me. In general, I started my singing career in folk style. In that time the producers found my compositions as the material of non-commercial value, my music videos were not released. But nowadays, thanks to my flexible voice I can perform in a perfect way both pop and folk music, and by doing so I feel my competitiveness among famous colleagues and….sometimes their dislike to me. Having become bright stars they are jealous about my performances: they feel my frankness and energetics, which are impossible to throw into the shade on the stage.

Self-motivated – I would like to call you like this after knowing your biography. What qualities of your character help you to get success?

cosmolady yuliana prado 6cosmolady yuliana prado 7My strength is in my love to myself and in my belief that I am unique. I am aware of my mission that I have great talent and potential which I am to share. I am sure: all what is gifted to us we should share, especially, if this gift gives some “grains” for future beautiful plants bringing some fruit. I glorify art through my works and intend to maintain my sincerity and frankness – that is some thread connecting us inseparably. When I come on stage, I know what my listener feels and what I can give him/her. At my concerts I always go all out: I do not just sing but I play the piano as well. High evaluation of my creative work from great people is also very important, and I am grateful for it. My Guardian-Angel guards me, and my daughter and husband give me inspiration. Due to my relatives who are proud of me and make me better, today I am the person of peace speaking four foreign languages.But my creative plans are connected with Ukraine, and my new program, for sure, will be presented in my native country.

Is your favorite work from own creative activity?

cosmolady yuliana prado 8
cosmolady yuliana prado 10
cosmolady yuliana prado 9

New song is like giving birth to a child, like new happiness and new love. Each song appears in some period of work, and each of them is my favorite one.

Tell us how was your current photo-shoot going?

It was in Spanish Marbella where I had my concert planned. A photographer proposed me photo shooting for a local magazine. Upon my coming home Cosmo Lady gave me an opportunity to tell about myself and to present new photos on the pages of this magazine.

Where do the listeners welcome you especially warm?

Of course, here. And in Italy. I sing in Italian (such a beautiful and melodious language) very serious and famous songs enjoyed by any audience. Now the listeners from Austria are waiting for me. And it is not important what language the singer is performing; the main thing is that she is performing with her heart and soul.

Talked Tatyana Razinkova photos from private archive