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Yuliana Prado and Nina Matviienko are regenerating Ukrainian folklore

Just before the Children’s Day Yuliana Prado and Nina Matviienko have prepared a new interpretation of folk lullaby, Oi Liuli Liuli. Its authentic performance highlights Ukrainian people’s soul and discloses the depth of lullaby to modern Ukrainian generation.

Oi Liuli Liuli is especially significant for Yuliana Prado. The singer performed it for her daughter’s falling asleep, so each line of this song is full of kindness and warmth.

“I sang Oi Liuli Liuli for my daughter. Combination of folk traditions and modern Ukrainian culture brings a new life for this lullaby. I believe that it will travel among Ukrainians all over the world and will have corners in new listeners’ hearts!” – says Yuliana Prado.

By performing Oi Liuli Liuli lullaby, Yuliana reminds of the power of mother’s love which is always an energetically strong protective charm for any child.

Nina Matviienko, Honoured Artist, is proud of the result of cooperation with Yuliana Prado. Enduring friendship and love to art turned the process of song recording into a real pray for children.

“It was pleasant to work with Yuliana. She is so talented and has delicate feeling of music. Yuliana is very quickly to look about. During our recording my singing just accompanies her role of the first violin, and in such a way it shows mother’s care. It was so quiet and gentle like a shadow.” – Nina Matviienko comments on.