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Yuliana Prado, a singer, has found her happiness in Austria!

When a person is absolutely happy, he emits warmth and light for everybody around. And the state of a beautiful singer, Yuliana Prado, can be characterized exactly with these words.

Unfortunately, it happens quite often that gifted people feel narrow in our country. And the reason is not in the fact that she is bad or her talents are not valued. This is a natural process. Every person has home in the place where he is loved…

Young singer, Yuliana Prado, has been living in Austria for one year. But she has not left Ukraine for ever. And not for all the world she changed her country for “European dreams”. Everything started from joint projects with the assembled Vienna-Italian orchestra. And then like in a fairy tale she met her one-and-only!

«Our meeting is something like a set of circumstances from the space. I had a one month business trip to Vienna. And just some days before my leaving for Ukraine my friends introduced me to a good friend of theirs. Due to some reasons they thought that we could be helpful to each other in our creative work. Next day we, my future husband and me, thought about what to do for not leaving each other even for a second!» - Yuliana comments on.

If to speak about wedding, Yuliana had a double luck in the truest sense of the word. The advantage of international marriage is that you can celebrate it in two countries at once. So, the first event took place in Austria. About 150 guests were invited to the wedding. A great international restaurant hosted the event. It was a combination of different cuisines and world traditions. No artists were invited to the wedding. And it could not be in any other way because so many creative people gathered in one place. A bride and a bridegroom performed at their own wedding, after that it was a turn for not less gifted relatives and Italian musicians. The bridegroom’s mother performed an impressive and touching music on the organ. In one word - the wedding was a success! And the newlyweds’ adventures had only started.

After a magnificent traditional celebration in Austria the newlyweds had a wedding ceremony in a church in Yuliana’s native country, Ukraine. Her wedding ceremony was in a quiet place, Vydobudskiy Monastery. For Yuliana this ceremony is something innermost and mysterious that she would like to hide from strangers’ eyes and to share with the dearest people. The only person from the famous people was Inna Matvienko. Deep spiritual relationship and understanding are the phenomena which united the Great Artist with Yuliana.

Nevertheless, Yuliana does not leave art. In Austria Yuliana actively develops, goes to the studio and records new songs. She is visiting different events, enriching herself spiritually and is studying German very hard.

To change the life drastically and to work and live in another country is a very big and serious step. But the girl got used to making the way on her own in spite of any obstacles and fortune shots. And such people deserve admiration.

By now a new record disk is almost ready, and Yuliana is looking forward to the moment when she can introduce it in Ukraine.

Источник: ANI Media Centre